Home Owners Association

Frying Pan Village Home Owners Association

NOTE: As of August 5th 2014...the Frying Pan Village HOA has been dissolved. This website is no longer maintained and will expire in March 2015.

Frying Pan Village is a quaint neighborhood comprised of 15 log homes located on Village Court in Basalt, Colorado.


The Frying Pan Village PUD was adopted by Basalt Town Council in 1992 and soon thereafter construction commenced on several of the log homes. The 15th and final home was completed in late 2008. Each home has unique features, but all homes in the neighborhood share a common feature; all houses are constructed with a coped log exterior.  

Each homeowner is responsible for the upkeep of the exterior maintenance of their home as well as landscaping features. The Frying Pan Village Home Owners Association provides basic lawn care maintenance, snow plowing and garbage services.

All houses in the neighborhood have added elegant features such as stone walls, copper trim,  garages, and elaborate landscaping which, in turn, has created one of Basalt's more vibrant and charming neighborhoods.